Grab Bag

What is The Experimentalist?

greenbeakerWhat is The Experimentalist?

  • A playground for a word-loving writer making her first foray into visual storytelling.
  • A place to experiment (and fail. and succeed. and experiment more.)
  • An excuse to profile creative individuals like AWESOME LEGO GUY, David M. Pickett.
  • All of the above.

How Does It Work?

  • Find a guinea pig: someone with a unique talent who’s willing to take us behind-the-scenes into their work.
  • Experiment telling their story through audio, video, and all things interactive.
  • Craft story piece-by-piece, posting bits of media here as I gather them.
  • You tell me what you love and what could be better.
  • End of day, we should have a complete story!


  • Meet our first guinea pig, David M. Pickett, stop-animation expert and specialist in all things LEGO-fabulous. This Chicago artist has spent the past decade creating dozens of films featuring the tiny men and women of LEGO world. His delightfully fun web series, Nightly News at Nine, has more than 7,000 YouTube subscribers.
  • Whimsical as it sounds, this is not work for the faint-of-heart. A two-minute video clip can take more than 100 hours to film. And that’s not including set-building, voiceovers, editing, and all the other things that go into the finished product.
  • Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at Dave’s work and his creative process. Stay tuned for news from my upcoming visit to his LEGO studio!

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